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Botox position banned!

Botox position banned!

sent Marwa

Some time ago I hosted a party for his daughter to pass the entrance exam is considered a special bonus, Botox face and brow lift! Encouraging the use of Botox was very interesting for me. I’ve seen all kinds of promotional incentive except cosmetic surgery!

These are the doctor MA Nilforoushzadeh, skin and Stem Cell Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences faculty member says. You can talk to them about the age of the onset of Botox injections in this position it is forbidden to read.
and will not wrinkle, wrinkles appear, so why wait? What is your opinion? Botox injections from an early age, right?

Botox injections can be started from the age of 18, the age of the ban after the injection of Botox injections do not, but personally I would not recommend this age. Rejuvenation using Botox for something that is due to the complications that can be offered to everyone. Who should get Botox that really need it. Botox injections for wrinkles teenager who has no more air comes face or brow lift, not true. If the purpose of Botox prevent skin wrinkles, Botox has simple advice can be replaced.

What are the recommendations for?

Even with the onset of wrinkles on the surface can be performed fractional laser skin rejuvenation, which is better than Botox.

Who is a good candidate for Botox injections are?

Those due to large movements of the facial muscles, superficial wrinkles appear on the skin and in developing and deepening, for Botox are a good option. The use of Botox in the treatment of muscle cramps or spasms of the eyelid for those who are misaligned eyes, they are suffering from excessive sweating in areas like armpits or migraines, recommended.

Botox has side effects?

We’ve heard a lot of Chinese counterfeit Botox effect. But there is a lot of Botox Botox in the Canadian Chinese Canadians logo eaten. Botox standard even if true and accurate and appropriate dose injection, they can have side effects.

The Who and in what situations should inject Botox?

in pregnant and lactating women, those with muscle paralysis or active infections or allergies are active in the area affected, Botox injections are prohibited.

Why is contraindicated in pregnant women?

However, Botox is a poison and is likely to reach the fetus. When a person is allergic to Botox, which means that the antigen of the toxin into the tiny blood capillaries and skin reactions are shown. It is likely that antibodies become active after Botox injections and fetal damage.

Those who are suffering from immune deficiency diseases should get Botox?

In those underlying disease, such as diabetes or hypertension, diabetes, how?

Those who are taking anticoagulants such as warfarin, is better than a week before the Botox injection drug use until the bleeding does not stop. In people who have underlying disease control, Botox injections is not an issue, but it is always better to consult a doctor. Those who have eczema skin is better off waiting until the disease. Following the injection of Botox, eczema and infection in any part of the face can affect the immune system.

not contraindicated in the elderly using Botox?

As in the case of juvenile and without beating about the idea of Botox, Botox at age alone is not effective for deep wrinkles and help to fix it does not. These people need the help of other therapies, to treat disability. Laser, radiofrequency, topical creams, gels and fillers and Botox in this age finally together to help rejuvenate the face.

common and uncommon side effects of Botox

Botox side effects are relatively common and are localized, such as drooping eyelids, bruises or hematomas, red face, nausea and headache that goes away in a few days to several months. There are also less common side effects, such as excessive Botox injection, the drug release and the surrounding areas are avoided, causing disability or muscle weakness and abnormal area around the person’s face or the loss of symmetry. Inadequate doses of Botox injections around the eye, causing protrusion of the eyes, double vision, or the inability to close the eye is voluntary. Arch of the eyebrow and the occurrence of abnormal or depressed mood or demonic surprised if the wrong person as a result of the injection of Botox. Botox injections poisoning is sometimes the symptoms persist injected Botox is not recommended in these circumstances. Difficulties in swallowing or change the sound of the effects of Botox injections to remove wrinkles on the neck area.

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