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Export of second-hand shoes to export President

Export of second-hand shoes to export President

J. M. Khosrow submissions

There are people who broke the world has broken Vkhmyrman Halym not get the full Vbalym chicken Vhmchvn our enemies that further grief and misery Vsvt Vkvr keep up the home arena of the leave, all pop Bdnyaamdn Vmahm Gryanym cry; others, but we will be happy Vkhrsnd the environment broadened our lives are more Brgrftaryha Vpryshany Vdrbdry are not Vnabsamanyha the ups and downs of time to be added; Vdrghm get a piece of bread from east to west over the moon to bring the words of the poet
Were not reached during the time a child turns age
Book Shabab has Mafsl life.

Our people are the essence of existence seems to be involvement of sadness, confusion Vpryshany’s share of our nation is a source of joy Vkhrsndy Vkhrmy did not even Serena Vshypvr instead of depression and mental Brvh it is blown.

Yes!it is because your body nudity bad Bavslh Vkhnh by other nations to take setter.

Establish that the trace Naspasanh Brsynh of this disaster, we are not strongly Vsyan to stay Vtghyan 2004 tsunami that severely Brjan homeless people Tmamtrbrghart the property of their lives to collapse on the body of this charming old wild lightning Vtndrbkvbym Vbsrt Vbyrhm sphere power of gravity; Earth time, making the sack Bdygr why:

Welfare; Vkhrmy happy, healthy life, peace, rest, comfort, neck part Vsrblndy Vrhbryty having an economy with perfect accuracy Vdrkhvr understanding Ngrdandh authorities gave this nation is.

What we do for others is low? Muslims zealous, hard Vslhshvry Vdlsvzy by merit, knowledge …

Our misfortune is that all of these are essential Tnhaaml national discord Hara Azmagrfth Vmara what sin is that people are always looking for … tied harness.

I blame the sun unnecessarily Vsphr all countries and people are more comfortable life of our country Brfzay infinite radius of the furnace radiant shine and the first rays of dawn Prtvafgny is Drspyddm Drhrym Herat.

Vbqvl (Chris) that:
Because it will remove dust to glory
The soil over the world want.

The bonds are rare or even identical phase, evolving history of our country, what emerges is less economically prosperous shine commercialized the public Mshakl Vyamrdmy Brmabazgvknd Tarf.

or width of the light organ Drbrhh Vyaagr no such external factors or directly conflict foreigners Drtzad Vnad he did not get up, it’s free Vmjal Talkh black poverty and ugliness Vsrnvsht Azjbyn Vbdbkhty to remove this nation and country.

Post onions is obtained by reading it requires its own guidelines.

If you are a little bluntly and toady worthy charity, well-dressed people were crammed Vmndrs, both under benefit obligation and political figures to hand over the course of the abdomen foreign nation on their hands to kiss Qrarmygrft.


No doubt the road, or market Lylamy Lylamy and Yabazar Lylamy Vsvghaty one of those achievements that may be present in all the provinces of the foreign entity is.

Yabkly put to eradicate or moribund state.

Bklysa their lofty positions taken are more.

But if the country is located close Nktayy Bmfhvm applied more broadly, the neck is closed. Everyone wants to buy for investment; the neck below the time we reached the reception we are already prepared to take the ruler is, does not have a church , convent, monastery and Somen is taken, as well as announcing it will try Bagrdn closed, all the neck close to John Thapa help. Martakvs happy to push Vnamrady Bnashady Vbaayn mental performance.

If the exception in this regard (use Nktayy) is the same logic that term (the exception, not the rule) is very Vbsndh.

We even regional markets Drbazarkshvrhay achieved by those working in the position.

The prevailing thought is that the author does not intend to oppose the general trend, however Vtam (buy Azlylamy s) Qrardarm, while sometimes also pioneered the use Drnhvh I was criticizing my word that the spirit of past rulers Nashadma mental, job creation initiatives happy if talent Plan for National Development Planning in advance is not in their presence; Vahlyt recruitment merit aid charity Bhrshkly Vlvbsvrt Mathcad countries Institutions of the country were flooded or how? …

Vtrtyb Vyaars habit inherited from ancestors were coming.

A few years ago, along with shops selling Lylamy shoes, shoes sitting Duzan and brands of shoes, hand-embroidered corner to corner they have a significant characteristic of the advanced countries tug; the outer Kfky shoes from Nvsakhth Vknarh the same Takhrydar it will look distorted Basvhan I realize that the new shoes, but since it is a few scratches on it Lylamy has arisen, however, marketing is not nobody to blame Vyamlzm.

But the gist of the lips to speak publicly on the subject is filed Vsvzhh message:
Government also uses the same shoes as second class honor bestowed on us Vanhm but defiantly not a single grain Bvfvr Vdsth categories.

The Russians Vlshkrkshy Aztjavr wild country immigration began in different directions, some to enhance the combat readiness of forces against the Russians, who have honor for maintaining group Bkhatrnjat John, who lives better, but I wanted to get other people’s sentences for those Vbrayt.

Vbrbryty dark conditions Brkshvr Vsrnvsht ruling had been living options to Bhrtrtyb vitro; Vbalnvbh’s share of any role in exposing the crimes were Russians.

and move the country is constituted Vsabty long lasting.

What the external effects of a battle against those security experts Vyanyrvhay Mydashtnd impaired in any place that did not, which have national Unfortunately we are Magrft from their fires that Kvrshdym not get warm but their run.

Mvsam excommunication stick Uncle Sam and the other is a sign of his scalp.

I do not date back to the last sheet, the old colonialism, neo-colonialism changes Nmydarm offer something discussion, but first ode Vkhmyrmayh Vdstavrd this setup option Bonn Conference Qrarmydhm pattern that continues its Vlfafh Tahm us now that Bhqa theorists foreign country Srmlt crown flower flowers Categories destroy the nation arranged Vsva Vbfrq Srmlt have positioned the exception of supplying safety and rescue work and reconstruction and expansion of foreign mercenaries and an end to the war on terrorism is increasing Vbrbady Vrvaj official Islamic and national culture in all living Asvlyt an appropriate idea, have not reached? .


Serena countries we will be deaf deaf ear, lip Drgrdab nation Vpamyznd the bread with a piece of bread just does not earn suicide ignorant man who has lost his life, and those involved in the embezzlement of transport other than the country of the future states of it is remedial, nasal solution.

Past and has now Zehtabi (bowel sale) sheep intestine as raw materials for export outside the country developed countries would then be different from this material is used which includes sausage casing Vsvsys and is used again to global markets Vmnjmlh country; date, time and how to send the other compartments. Saeb Fine says that:

Credit is the pinnacle of perfection stability
Empty pitcher starts walking soon Azknar roof.

In comparison with other Ankralasvat surrounding the devil’s voice is not acceptable if it ran the horn, the horn horned put her next chance.

Annan’s leadership to take responsibility to those who drank water and filtered air breathing dust never have troubles of their country and people not sitting Brshanh Lmbrdargrdnd?

Based on such a famous homeland (if Hvs·h same time stop) Annan leadership from 2001 to the present has been a burden on the shoulders of the people of this nation get enough of anything that does not want revenge?

Vnmyshvd trained professionals who give you that this is your Blqa’ Drabsharha Vdrqsrha and in most parts of the country we Vdrnab villas Tahm the existence of such sites does not maintain the illusion that they would not hurt their nation plagued Rhayyshy not hurt.

not wrong) do not cool cool their hot there.

Asvlyt requires states that neither the nation nor the trek Hrdvra Vbqvly Khvdbzhmt throw in the country in seven or eight years this nation Lmbrdary Pydamyshvd Vfrq the country and people ride back shoulders.

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