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Mental Health and sugar bounties

Mental Health and sugar bounties

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One of the most important principles of mental health issues as well as individual and group psychotherapy can be inferred from Islamic teachings, and God’s blessings attention to the positive aspects of life and Shkrgzazy. There are numerous tutorials on the Quran and Islam, which in this case is to educate and sugar together. The purpose of the sugar, and said it is recalling blessing.

Thanksgiving types and its relationship with the individual growth
The purpose of the sugar, recalling his blessing and said it will be up to three possible implementations:

* Note (Sugar Heart)
* Express the blessing and thanksgiving (Sugar language)
* Thanksgiving blessings to fit it (sugar organs)

Thanksgiving is actually a result of the growth and the acquisition of wisdom is the best sugar, obedience to the commandments of God. To Thanksgiving blessings God has ordered the recall, and reflect and consider that man not counting his blessings.

Personal development and faith in God.
Recalling the blessings of God as a means of achieving salvation Falah and empowering. In fact, with faith, the biggest positive aspects of wealth and power in the world and therefore are not comparable with any other gift.

Use of thanksgiving to God in Psychotherapy
The use of this principle can be used in individual and group psychotherapy is that the individual may be due to lack of attention to the positive aspects of their lives (blessings of God) is feeling depressed and hopeless. According to clinical trials, the number of people and can not be reduced due to the positive aspects of their lives into a living hope and led to the further growth. The practical result of this approach can be seen immediately.

Do thanksgiving specific categories of mental illness is psychological?
Instead, you should try while this aspect in reasonable ways and further development of their own society, to the community, to apply maximum effort. Otherwise Vyd God and the loss of the positive aspects will be realized.

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