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One hundred and three things that I have learned about street photography

One hundred and three things that I have learned about street photography

Submitted by: Ahmad Fuad Treaty

۱٫ A good picture is more of an answer to the problem, creates more questions.
۲٫ Ideally a 35 mm focal length for most street photographers. 28mm is too wide (most subjects are not so close) and 50 mm, very compact.
۳٫ Satisfying than I: Every month a correct and complete picture, a picture which I am proud of each year.
۴٫ “When in doubt, push the shutter.” Charlie Kirk
۵٫ When in doubt, go a step further.
۶٫ When you become a better photographer ask why people do not like the photos) In addition to the photos as they like).
۷٫ A violent and constructive criticism than praise is empty.
۸٫ A good photo and constructive criticism in the virtual space (minimum) should be 4 lines. Preferably 8 or more lines.
۹٫ The number of followers on social networking sites is important, but their quality is important.

۱۰٫ Be steadfast. With a camera, lens, film editing software specific work to get your own style.
۱۱٫ Good and great photography project about five to ten years for murder.
۱۲٫ Instead equipment, buy the book.
۱۳٫ Only when money is Khrjkrdn photography please, when you spend money new experiences such as travel, photography workshops or master device you rather spend your lens and various bodies.
۱۴٫ Best Kyfdvrbyn in street photography, camera bag is not.
۱۵٫ Decisive moment is a myth. Even Henry Cartier Bresson photographs intended to achieve, at least five shots of a scene that was liked and worked on the scene to achieve the final desired photos.
۱۶٫ Photographers most famous only for one to three of their favorite photos came to fame, even after death. If you get into a situation like this card as a photographer, you’ve done well.
۱۷٫ When you analog photography, lighting is much better low light. (More details on analogue film photography is lighting.)
۱۸٫ When your digital camera, no better exposure of the exposure is high. (Photos in digital format, in more detail in the shadows.)
۱۹٫ Street pictures of people who are just walking along the boards, is boring.
۲۰٫ To become a great street photographer, first of all you should know what a great street photographer. In the case of a great photographer.
۲۱٫ When three-quarters of a DSLR or a compact camera Micro System cameras and street photography you do not want the camera to be concerned about technical considerations, the P mode and ISO 1600 to now.
۲۲٫ Tkks·ha Bamnatrnd photography projects.
۲۳٫ A book of photographs, the photographer’s ultimate expression.
۲۴٫ Picture so if the last day is Kasyt.
۲۵٫ Photography with a camera and a fixed lens is bliss.
۲۶٫ Grain and Noise Photo pretty ugly picture.
۲۷٫ My favorite film Kodak tri-X for black and white photography and Kodak Portra 400 color photography.
۲۸٫ Bokeh in street photography and exaggerate a lot. Aperture eight to sixteen Picture.
۲۹٫ In analogue photography, Ult 10 thousand photographs, photos are the worst. In digital photography, a million photos Ult.
۳۰٫ The secret of a street photograph memorable: Sign feelings.
۳۱٫ Photo street without feeling, a picture is dead.
۳۲٫ No amount of processing after the shooting, not a bad picture to make a good picture.
۳۳٫ Upload your photos to the Internet, at least six months to a year to wait, to see exactly you a good picture or not.
۳۴٫ When editing photos, the point for me: Kill your children.
۳۵٫ Titles charming and beautiful, not better street photograph.

۳۶٫ Watermark in street photography, destroys the viewer viewing experience.
۳۷٫ Buy an expensive camera, you do not have a better street photographer.
۳۸٫ Analog photography street photography principles to teach more. (And might make you a better photographer)
۳۹٫ Most challenging genre of street photography is the photography of various types.
۴۰٫ A great street shots requires a strong content (what is in the picture) and form (composition) is.
۴۱٫ Picture to yourself, not others.
۴۲٫ Spend less time on the site over photographic equipment. Look instead Magnum Photos.
۴۳٫ Photography books you can never spend too much money.
۴۴٫ You’re doing things worst critic. Always ask others. They help to better see the flaws card.
۴۵٫ Photography with a fixed focal length for a long time, you can help before photography, the image you want to portray to you and to get your particular style.
۴۶٫ You just released the worst Photo street and you’re a good photographer.
۴۷٫ The secret of good pictures with a subject in the picture: Svzhhhayt not be consecutive and follow your emotional expressions.
۴۸٫ How to Better Bodies: Do not crop photos to a year.
۴۹٫ How to become a better editor: Do not upload photos to social networks within a year.
۵۰٫ Try the height of the eyes of your photographic subjects (either too high or too low). Pliable when you take pictures of people sitting or guys too short or children. Or because of a much higher position and height of photography now.

۵۱٫ About 99% of street photography, with background slut destroyed.
۵۲٫ To get a picture of the street clean first and then wait until the subject’s background in order to find the scene.
۵۳٫ If your mother to take street photos, likes, photos probably boring and usual.
۵۴٫ The camera is always with you.
۵۵٫ Not mandatory that the human subject is street photography (but usually Jzabtrnd pictures with human subjects).
۵۶٫ You do not necessarily have a Leica camera for street photography. From what you have and be happy with it, just use it.
۵۷٫ Spend 99% of your time to edit your photos (Choose the best photos) and only a percentage of your time devoted to processing after shooting match.
۵۸٫ Street photography style is a combination of a suitable and compatible equipment (camera, focal length) and see (when shooting or processing time after shooting) and content (which subjects them to take photos), respectively.
۵۹٫ Much better than a few shots of a scene taking pictures of the scene.
۶۰٫ Anders Peterson says that capture your heart, the brain Adytshan now.
۶۱٫ When you’re out in photography, so good that you bring along a photographer.
۶۲٫ Gyldvn Bruce says the photographer inside you now.
۶۳٫ Photo of an attractive personality is not enough. Try to make it interesting character in a field with a gesture of good or sign up.
۶۴٫ Do not shoot the guys homeless or street performances. Barely inside, good picture meet.
۶۵٫ Do not worry that your photos are not recognized as a street photograph. Take your goal is only meaningful and memorable.

۶۶٫ Reality show, street photographer’s work (the task is a photojournalist).
۶۷٫ Do not be afraid to interact with Svzhhhayt when shooting in the streets. Do not put all your photos candidate (registered real moment when the subject) are.
۶۸٫ You can take pictures of street fascinating subjects are Zhstgrftn. But not so for the audience the impression that the pictures were nominated and Byhva.
۶۹٫ There is no accurate definition of street photography. Be yourself and just capture definition.
۷۰٫ Usually when you take pictures in the street, you can not control the scene. But you can not control yourself, do not publish any photo. For example, for small bugs Niyavaran excuse the photos, only in Edith Hzfshan now.
۷۱٫ To criticize the photographers mind unless you’ve already seen their portfolio.
۷۲٫ This prevents zoom lenses are a great street photographer someday you (can never become skilled at a fixed focal length). Take photos with fixed lens (preferably with a 35mm lens Fvlfrym). 28 and 50mm lenses are good too (if you can kill them work properly).
۷۳٫ Tkks can make a story (the first, middle and no end). Only pictures can tell stories series and photography projects.
۷۴٫ The photos you take, the more you reflect Neto (as they reflect Svzhhhayt).
۷۵٫ Seeing the importance of good pictures, you that eat. French good food equals good pictures in books, galleries and exhibitions. Fast food is the same with most photos within Facebook, and Flickr Aynstagram (not always, mostly).
۷۶٫ ۹۹% of people on the Internet is not a good street photograph. Always Comments, Likes and definitions that take photos in virtual networks, trust me. Instead, street photography critic groups Spend time with the sites.
۷۷٫ The best opportunities of street photography in places Ghyrqablantzartryn find.

۷۸٫ When an interesting person or a good scene Brmykhvry, and pass not take just one image. Try to get at least five images (or more if possible).
۷۹٫ Telephoto lenses to avoid street photography. Remember: bad or creepiness is proportional to the focal length.
۸۰٫ Reflections and shadows of street shooting yourself in the mix now. They usually have good photos of a team. (See the work of Lee Friedlander).
۸۱٫ The photos are taken from the front, energy and drama are more pictures from the side.
۸۲٫ A short list of great street photography:
Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Diane Arbus, Weegee, Bruce Gilden, Alex Webb, Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Josef Koudelka
۸۳٫ After the shooting of a stranger, try to put the law for yourself: Look at them, smile and thank me.
۸۴٫ I never took pictures, I did not regret it. Instead, always yearning to eat Ngrftham photos.
۸۵٫ Better to seek forgiveness than ask permission of the subject.
۸۶٫ If you have self-confidence photography, rarely Brmykhvry problem. If you have stress, many problems arise for you.
۸۷٫ He is the only person to be impressed with the photos debt, ourself.
۸۸٫ Svzhhhayt advantage at the camera, eyes are windows to the soul of the people.
۸۹٫ Do not photograph. Build relationships.
۹۰٫ The best place for street photography in New York, Tokyo, Paris or not. The best place for photographing the backyard.
۹۱٫ Kasyt scenes look with your eyes and take photos with them to your heart.

۹۲٫ If you’re working on a photography project and the photographer said, “This project has” worked “, Dlsrdt Their Catch Nadydhshan. No one like you worked on that project.
۹۳٫ Applied Sociology same street photography with a camera.
۹۴٫ If your goal shooting, has become famous for photos, Nmyshvy ever known.
۹۵٫ If you get upset that her picture, she suggested me to email him your picture. Having business cards can be useful in these situations.
۹۶٫ Do not just look at pictures, read inside.
۹۷٫ To double the progress of street photography, the Shksthayt twice now.
۹۸٫ Letting the images you want to display, publish photos that you determined, more important.
۹۹٫ Instead of taking pictures that will satisfy the audience, the audience find you enjoy the photos.

۱۰۰٫ Street photography, racing to the top of Flowers, visits, exhibitions, books, camera, lens and photo. There is no winner and Bazndhay. Instead of competing with a photographer, collaborated with him now.
۱۰۱٫ The images printed and other cameras are more than happy to sell them for money.
۱۰۲٫ Reciprocal friendships that have gained during street photography, of all that ever I took some pictures, have a higher position.
۱۰۳٫ Seneca says that luck is when preparation and opportunity appear to be coincidence. Forge your own fortune.
Source: 103Things I’ve Learned About Street Photography

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