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Secrets of success from God

Secrets of success from God

Posted: Saadia

It so happens that in various magazines and websites and articles titled “success strategies”, “secrets of success”, etc., are treated. All these documents are generally shortcomings and weaknesses as a man ought not intend to sell the home.
The holy book Quran verse 12 there is a miracle that nobody would ever be taken into consideration. Speaking to the end that every individual guidance interesting and definitely succeed in life and leads to the highest degree. I think the secret of success in all phases and aspects of life in verse 12 value lies.

These verses are sufficient to achieve success with a clear heart and mind with thought given to the forefront of all your actions and your behavior.
Let the Lord, you will see that your life will be dramatically changed.
And now verses …
Sura 30, verses 19 to Alrd:
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

And noted that the only wise God’s covenant promise to Hqyqtnd only Aqlannd that they do not break the treaty right
And fear God on account of the difficulty thinking and seeking to please God before their patience and keep up prayer
And from what we Nsybshan the poor secretly and publicly, they are good people and bad traits instead
They found a good home finale knowing that home is where the Garden of Eden havens and all fathers, women and children in their own right
While the angels to [provide] them from the log and say: Peace be upon you [in obedience and worship of God and the world of pain, patient until you finally find a good home
And those after the covenant [with God and the prophet, and broke the covenant God and what God has commanded to link it [like seleh mercy and love Ali (AS) and the faithful saints of God, clean cut
They provoked intrigue and corruption, and the curse of God on earth and home to the punishment of hell is awarded

Unbelievers say why conclusive proof of God’s revelations, prophecies prove he was sent Messenger us] you say that [the argument convincing as the Qur’an and other miracles were now]
God whom He will astray, and every supplication to God and He will lead Anaba. [Who Bdrgah God’s humility and Anaba? They believe in their hearts that God is slow to remember the Lord [people] aware that only God is calming hearts
Blessed are those who believe in Allah gave the good things in their lives and the good position they
[O Muhammad] We have sent you as a messenger between people who already have died instead prophets and other nations, is not new to the message that you sent to the nation what the Divine teachings from us
God has said the tall noble
These verses 10 and 100 of the read operation to get them to understand every single word and succeed in life! Miracle of these verses is that with each new thing with their reading of the secrets of success will be imprinted in your mind.

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