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Silence of God

Silence of God

Posted: Asiya

This one is arguing that all those who dream of doing in the Myprvrandym accomplished. He has compiled his films as a novelist who wrote the book. He has a pen from the camcorder. He is an author Synmayyst. “Francois Truffaut quotes about Bergman Ingmar Bergman, the son of a Lutheran clergyman and Akhlaqygra Christian upbringing. He was never the shadow of his father (God) not far from his films and marks uncertainties and doubts knowledge, his works are religious at all. He is a devout faith but skeptical. Slybash doubt he is what Jesus gave: “Oh, my God, why have you forsaken me?”. “Like in Ynh1961” film trilogy (Trilogy) Bergman and doubts about God and the human need to be a powerful supernatural force.. In such a mirror, Karin schizophrenic illness, severe illness, with the advent of a comedy Mavaryy talking inside the wall talking with him. His father (David), the popular novelist and Namvfqyst It tells the father that just as Karin novel materials makes him look like a child of his own head. Wife of the doctor (Martin), with his disdain for sexual dysfunction, such as checking the condition puts her teenage brother (Minos) that Karin is just a sense of friendship and closeness, sexuality in adolescence and can not drown help him, men are weak and sickly. Karin with the Mavrayysh should be just the opposite. His passion, awaiting the advent of powerful yet unknown.However, unlike her husband wanted to David tells the whole story. Karin in peak condition when he is alone with his brother, in a strange voice, and sings her own sexual fantasy figure takes Karin. He forced his brother to be reserved for him. Bergman’s trilogy as in a mirror, Winter Light and The Silence, centered around the theme of humans in relationship to others and to develop Mshkland Nyrvyay paranormal see themselves weak and doubts. Karin when they are supposed to be transferred by helicopter Sanitation Emergency Call “he” hears the calls and the “father” of the middle of the room (safe distance) just watching the scene and her husband Martin to try his belief in his Rahanydn the illusion, the paranormal on board an ugly Nkvbt appeared to him that he wants to go down (face sex). The Rev. Thomas Winter Light by being fully aware of all that which is your spiritual practices and holding all bring, but in fact less strenuous Martha, who love to her, and love, and suffering Trhmsh to her, and Even as Algvt servant church, in what he says and religious practice that does not have a personal and profound experience.Byshvr and the priest on duty called him to be silent and told him that he was reciting prayers, and the prayers of his interesting subject that is answered.and hypocritical priest puts the blame and ridicule. And a servant of the church of revelation that earned by reading the Bible, the priest speaks.His physical suffering to the suffering Christ knows more. Lgvt great suffering servant of Christ Church knows that she has the emotional range of a noble and distinguished.

Lgvt: My conclusion is perhaps the wrong direction. [Silent; the case is new, but the Jtsmany think, ma’am. All disciples are asleep. They do not understand the point, not the end of the evening, not anything else. And then, when law enforcement arrived, they fled. And then Peter, who denied him. Three years that Jesus spoke to the disciples, His Excellency, Shbshan days were spent together. And he left them, all add up. And he remained alone. [Excitedly] Your Excellency, you have been suffering terribly! Understanding that no one understands you. Just stay in that when one really needs someone to rely on. Is suffering terribly.

Lgvt servant of the church and Martha passionate lover, you have not the knowledge that “Antonios block” The Seventh Seal screaming and asking God: “I want our knowledge, not faith.” Bergman’s trilogy is not about faith, not directly concerned with metaphysical issues, but also about human relationships and the need to break the Savior’s love. And in silence, Esther and her two sisters in their own hell go either way. “Common hell better than solitary hell is supposed to be a solo is the ultimate darkness.” Roger Thomas Mnvl priest in his imaginary conversation with Jonas, who plans to kill himself says:

Thomas: We’re all alone, you and me. The only condition is that we humans can live on it violated our life together. And why is that so Flkzdh, unhappy and full of Dlhrhaym.

Do you really believe in nothing but the fear of being alone in this world Lamtnahy and unknown man who has the slightest knowledge of it? After this trilogy about faith. Belief that “knowledge” is not followed, will help to immerse themselves in the illusion of a supernatural inhumane, and Bergman in this film is going to say the same thing. Complex and intertwined relationships of the characters needed to more accurately understand the concepts underlying layers of the film lies in its own audience. The movie is like a mirror because David (father) closer relationship with his son for the first time can not find it says that God is love and love is God. And in the final scene when startled boy says his father spoke to me Gft.ama silent father (God) continues his conversation with us, but will also be talking to himself. Where Karin Glnshsthay where the ship was reserved for his brother, the father tells the truth, but behind the camera with her father speaks the truth, not by talking with Karin. Winter Light priest does something or someone other than their love of God and our spiritual obligations held in the torus. His whole life was the Bible, but it does not understand even less Lgvt servant. Karin is like a mirror lone harp in force at the end of the paranormal and illusions cast him as being hateful and horrible appear. Arrogant sister Anna and frees Khvdbynsh to die alone with others. Where Anna with her son, leaving Esther, Esther on paper that gives her little boy wrote the words “the” and “heart”.

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