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Strident voices

Strident voices

Posted: Medina

۱ – The families due to disagreement between the parents, their anger and resolve the negative impact on children’s lives.
۲ – Sometimes a child can be considered as a judge and sometimes the victim of one of the parties.
۳ – In addition to being the child of physical and psychological needs are not satisfied, gradually learns the patterns of aggression. (Children offhand other kids can do)
۴ – the value and respect that each of your family members to consider is negligible. Family members often sullen and sad faces of family members are taken, depressed and apathetic look.

۶٫ The sign of friendship and intimacy among family members is low and in some cases are unaware of the existence of each other.
۷ – Family members themselves often biting humor, cruelty and barbarity is based.
۸ – so much fun elders ordered and directed to smaller, for example, parents who do not understand what their children have personality traits.
Parents to avoid and stay away from each other, so busy with their work outside the family environment, which can only function if they work and supply of life.
۹ – children are their parents as less than two adult humans, understood, Conscious, pure and lovely, benefit.
۱۰٫ Family members feel alone and helpless being, and to believe that they are poor and ill-fortune to experience a form of learned helplessness.
show inhumane.
۱۲٫ The family is impossible to control things, and they do not realize that a lot of effort to do some of their demands, by contrast, is impossible.
۱۳ – Family members sometimes have trouble perfectionism and in this way, too, will bear the enormous psychological pressure and increasing pressure on other people’s family members are.
۱۴ – Watching the family are called modes. In their view all phenomena in the universe are a variety of phenomena, objects, characters, concept or white or black – either good or bad – or is harmful or beneficial – or lovely or not lovely – so do not consider intermediate.

۱۶ – family undue prejudice to any object or phenomenon, and this feature makes heavy show of reason, logic, and common sense is not far.

۱۷ – family, especially the children of these families are unhealthy and successfully competed with one of them in particular has caused resentment, worry, anxiety and intense jealousy of other family members.

۱۹ – Family members and others in their judgments and judgments are wrong and one of their addiction is harmful, yet enjoyable, absenteeism and vilified by others.
۲۰ – lying is common among family members and each of the family members have learned to avoid conflicts and disputes ending next, lie to other people.
۲۱ – simply curse the family together, as well as physical abuse are also common. And the attitude of each individual family is based on the opposite side of their individual vote, stupid, selfish, etc. The best way to subdue him, beating and humiliating her.
۲۳٫ Family members of permanent anxiety and feelings of confusion, suffering and why, cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders are common among families.
Attitudes of family members in different fields, such as distorted and beliefs – the woman can not be trusted – all people are bad – I think everyone should just be herself and simply publicity.

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