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Until further notice I’m not your mom

Until further notice I’m not your mom

Posted: Medina

We all raised our children in the right direction if we want more choice and correct manner towards the behavior of my child have to be.

To increase or decrease the specific behavior of different techniques can be used.

This is the opposite of positive reinforcement.

At this time, if you meet the aggressive mode and accept him with such anger and talk to him. Have encouraged him that it will always meet their demands in the same way as you are deprived of affection and attention.

Your child will notice that “If you go into your room and go to your attitude whenever I could talk calmly and reasonably polite’m ready to listen to my words.”

This method can be the solution to many problems. But if three conditions are applicable.

۱٫ If the child’s behavior and fatigue will not remove his behavior. Sometimes if the child is free to continue to put up with inappropriate behavior caused by fatigue, it leaves the behavior of reinforced negative in this case should be used.
Your child will notice that “If you go into your room and go to your attitude when you could reasonably quiet and nice to talk to a professional I’m ready to listen.”

۲٫ If we do not aim to encourage behavior against inappropriate behavior. In some instances, we can achieve our goal by encouraging behavior incompatible with inappropriate behavior. So there is no room for negative reinforcement.

۳٫ If the behavior does not go ignored. In some cases, we do not need to implement specific techniques. So much so that we are oblivious to the behavior it diminishes gradually.

Saturation of the above three techniques, strengthening and blackout refers inconsistent behavior. If these methods do not affect the behavior of your child and you can use negative reinforcement.

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